Sighthounds from Spain

The Lexus project is partnering up with approved adoption groups to bring Spanish sighthounds to the USA.

The groups we have partnered with are:
Grateful Greyhounds
Greytful Hearts
Forever Home Greyhounds
Greyhound companions of New Mexico
Fast Friends of New Hampshire

All travel and coordinating the arrival of a Galgo is done by G.R.I.N.

To learn more about the Galgos and understand why we try to move as many as we can to the safety of the USA, please read about them here. y

Below are pictures of the galgos that have been brought to the United States through the efforts of The Lexus Project and their partner groups.

Stay tuned we are expecting 20 more TLP galgos in the fall.

Please help us bring more of these galgos over by donating to these efforts. All money raised through this chipin goes directly to support this mission.

Our first galgos from Spain!

Robin Mittasch, TLP, Lisa Sallie, Grateful Greyhounds, Paula LaPorte, Forever Home Greyhound and friends at JFK awaiting the arrival of TLP's first galgos!

The Galgos being rolled out by customs:

Greyhounds and Galgos and Podencos, oh my!

This is Lisanna, a lucky Podenco who came to the USA from Spain.


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