An emaciated, scarred, frightened pit bull wandered into an Ace hardware store in Detroit, MI. He was looking for help. Starved & beaten, he let the owner of the hardware store try to help him. Little did the gentlemen know that by calling the Detroit Animal Control ( DAC), Ace didn’t stand a chance. For a pit bull, winding up at DAC was an automatic death sentence.

Public outrage and outcry were extremely high over DACs announcement that they intended to execute Ace when his mandatory hold was up. Eventually, The Lexus Project was asked to get involved to keep Ace from being murdered because he was a pit bull. We found local counsel and both the Lexus Project and another local group obtained court orders barring DAC from killing Ace. After playing a “canine shell game” by producing 9 different dogs that they identified at one time or another as being Ace and despite the two court order and the intense media attention, DAC employees came in on a furlough day and one day early of his announced execution date, to murder Ace.

As we all mourned the senseless killing of Ace, we vowed that his death should neither be forgotten nor without meaning. Based upon DACs fraud, we were able to get 8 of the 9 dogs released to the Michigan Humane Society. The outcry over Ace’s death helped focus attention on breed specific policies and helped us change the policy in Genosee County. (See Faith’s Story) With the help of the same attorneys who freed Faith, TLP is continuing the litigation in the hopes of forcing Detroit to correct the conditions at DAC and to punish those punish those for this travesty of justice and to forever change the policy of killing dogs solely because they look like a pit bull.

The fight continues…

God Speed Ace. We will NEVER forget.

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