Alchemy is a beautiful 2 year old St. Bernard puppy loved by his family. When his family fell upon hard times and had to move, the new home did not allow for Alchemy. His family tried to make sure Alchemy would have a good home. However, Alchemy  kept winding up in the hands of people who just did not understand Alchemy or his breed. Because of that, there was a report of alledged bites. Alchemy had a hot spot and when brushed, acted out by biting the hand that brushed him.

The people called animal control, Alchemy was seized and put into a crate too small for him to turn around becasue of his size. TLP was called and with the help of our local attorney Jessie Rau, Alchemy was released to a sanctuary for training.

When he has completed training, Alchemy will find his forever home.

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