Alexi was found wandering the streets of LA. He was brought into a high kill shelter and waited to die. But luckily for Alexi(or so you would think) there was a group on the east coast who would fly him to their group in Maryland and place him. This is where a happily ever after story went south quickly. Alexi was flown cross country with a double ear infection. The pain this poor dog endured is unthinkable. And although the group had clear instructions not to neuter Alexi until he gained some much needed weight and acclimated himself a bit, they had him neutered anyway. It gets better. The day following his neuter his foster mother brought him to a dog park where he was approached by other dogs but he did not react. Alexi just wanted to be left alone. The next day when the resident dog in his foster home went for him, Alexi had had enough and defended himself which started a fight. We already know how inept his foster mother was because of the dog park, but she proved herself to be immeasurably stupid by trying to break up the fight by putting her hand in the middle. She was bit. She had Alexi put into the pound. The groups president ordered alexi to be executed. Alexi never stood a chance.

Approximately 3 months after alexi was left to die in the pound The Lexus Project was contacted by a group of people who were advocating to save Alexi.

We immediately jumped on board and with the help of volunteer attorney Sloan Franklin of Maryland and many late nights and all nighters paper writing, Alexi had his day in court and was released to The Lexus Project. The group insisted they had wanted this poor dog to die.

Alexi is currently being trained for his canine good citizenship at one of the most elite German shepherd trainers on the east coast.Once he has received his certification, he will be placed in his forever home by weeping willow German shepherd rescue. Thanks to the the folks who donated money for Alexi on Facebook so that he could get the proper training. Special thanks to Sloan Franklin, ESQ for his time and devotion to Alexi's case, weeping willow rescue and double dog rescue being there for alexi.

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