Athena, Hercules, Pixy & Bella

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This case was about several families living in a duplex. All owned pit bull mixes. There were 6 dogs involved in the seizure by animal control.

2 or 3 of these dogs were outside in their own contained yard. The cable guy came and entered the property without permission. The dogs ran towards him. He is claiming to be bit. Animal control came and took the dogs who were out AND the dogs who lived in the duplex who were not outside.

2 of the dogs were murdered while at animal control because their owners signed them over to be killed, then said they didn't realize what they signed.

The other 4 were released after  complying with the animal controls demands which included proper inoculations, spay/neuter and secure housing for the dogs. With the help of local attorney Christine Garcia and Emily, the 4 dogs were returned to their owners.





RIP Petey and Fiona.

You must read and understand something you sign and if you dont, ask questions. There was no reason that these innocent dogs had to be killed.



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