This is Buck. Buck is a 6 year old boxer who was owned by single military dad and daughter since Buck was a little puppy. Dad married a woman with 4 kids soon to be 5, And 4 other dogs. She breeds dogs and soon there were 10 puppies.

Dad gets deployed to Afghanistan. 3 weeks after he is deployed, mom decides, this is too much work. Lets get rid of Buck.  Her son grabs Buck around his neck trying to keep him from getting out the or and  gets nipped on his finger. Now, that's a easy ways to get rid of Buck, call animal control. We were called in by someone who knew what she did. I called an attorney friend of ours who has helped us on another case. I knew that she has a relationship with a local group. They pulled Buck and he has already been placed in a loving new forever home. I'm sure when dad comes home from fighting for our lives, he'll be pretty upset to know his wife was trying to kill his dog.

We were so happy to help Buck from being killed.  We thank our attorney friend for helping us help Buck.

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