Champ, a handsome and oh so sweet 4 year old pit bull was abused by his former owner. Neighbors heard the distressing cries of poor Champ and called the police. Animal control came and put Champ in the shelter where he was to be killed. The Lexus Project was called in. With the help of Christiana D, a local attorney Champ was released and taken into foster care. He was loved by his foster mom, dad and little girl. Within a few weeks after being released, Champ got sick and after several days and many vet visits, it was discovered that Champ had active distemper. He was suffering & having seizures. There was nothing that could be done. The kindest thing we could do was to take him out of his pain. Champ was set free. We have taken the money designated for Champ to set up a foundation to help other pit bulls in distress. Champ died knowing he was loved. - Abused Pit Bull Champ Dies

Valley Central - Abused pit bull dies from illness weeks after freedom

Abused Pit Bull to get a New Leash On Life (Video)

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