Chevy, a beautiful brindle boy was adopted and loved by his dad. However his dad took a job in Australia  and despite trying, he was not able to bring Chevy with him. He put an add on Craiglist and was bombarded with greyhound groups badgering him about putting this dog on Craigslist. He didn't respond to anyone. We emailed him and sent a picture of our own pack saying we would like to adopt him. We just wanted this dog off Craigslist and brought to safety.

Chevy was fostered by our good friend Holly while we thought about what to do with him.

At the same time, our TLP logo creator Adrianne had lost her beautiful boy to bone cancer and was grieving terribly. Chevy was grieving for his dad. What better combination for these 2 who's hearts were broken than to help each other heal?
With the help of our GUR (greyhound Underground Railroad) Chevy was transported from NY to GA to live with Adrianne and family. 

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