Cody was our first pit bull case. Cody is a 2.5 year old playful puppy who was loved dearly by his owners. Always looking to run, play and frolic. When his owner accidentally left the gate unlatched and the wind blew it open, Cody viewed this as an opportunity to explore. When he saw 2 boys riding their bicycles down the street, he ran over to them and barked to engage them to play.

Not knowing that Cody was playing, one of the boys started screaming, flailing and kicking at Cody. The boys dad was 1/2 block away and only saw his son screaming and kicking which caused him to run over to Cody and start beating on him. Cody, in his only defense latched on to the nearest object, the boys arm causing serious injury. ACO was called, Cody was taken into custody and placed on a death sentence. Luckily, the Lexus Project was contacted. We filed papers to stop the execution and convinced the judge that Cody was entitled to a hearing. When we appeared in court on Cody's behalf, it was under a totally new legal concept which we have since named the "Cody trust". Using this, we were able to convince the court and opposing counsel to removed the owner from the litigation and allow Cody a trial In his own name.

After some legal maneuvering back and forth and a lot of negotiating, the town attorney was able to convince her boss, to reevaluate the case and allow her to settle it with Cody getting some serious training for his AKC good citizenship certification, after which Cody will be able to be adopted. Though we hurt with and for the owners who had to give up their sweet boy, we respect and support their total dedication to do whatever it took to save him.

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