New Mexico

Diesel and his Great Dane friend got out of the yard and went for a run through the neighborhood. They unfortunately made a detour through a local judges property where they chased and harassed his goat and horse. Pictures we received showed some blood on the horses leg and the goats ear. Neither of the injuries were serious. The dogs were taken by animal control.

The Dane was deemed dangerous before we came on to the case and was released. Diesel was ordered to die. The Lexus Project was called in to free Diesel. With the help of local attorney Greg Gahan we were able to negotiate the release of Diesel out of New Mexico where he was to be evaluated after he decompressed from 4 months in solitary confinement.  Diesel was such a love that they decided to evaluate him sooner rather than later.

Diesel passed with flying colors and is expected to be rehomed shortly, thanks to DMK rehoming. A special thanks to David Richard, town attorney for not believing everything he reads.

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