Elijah was severely malnourished and had leg ulcers which needed constant medical treatment. He was in the hands of a reputable adoption group and getting better day by day. When the time came he was ready to go home, he was placed in what we all hoped was his forever home, however that was not meant to be.

There are conflicting stories which involved resource guarding of food and other dogs in the home, despite being told to feed him separately until he becomes an established part of the pack. But, everyone knows better. There was an incident with the resident dogs and Elijah. Instead of calling the group, animal control was called, seized Elijah and would not give him back to the group. The group was concerned about his weight and the leg ulcers.

We were asked to intervene. With the help of local attorney Mareesa Torres, we were able o negotiate his release to another group for placement. His leg was healing and he continued to gain weight. We had hoped his next home would be his last, but unfortunately, soon after being  placed again, Elijah went missing. Almost 3 weeks later, Elijah was found, safe and in very good condition. We are happy to say that after several false starts, Elijah is in his forever home.

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