Faith a pit bull mix was found abused, starved and chained outside to a church. A good Samaritan thought he was doing the right thing, by bringing her to a shelter in Genosee County, an animal shelter in Flint, MI. It was only later, we were notified that Faith needed our help because the shelters policy was not to adopt out any pit bull type of dog regardless of the dogs temperament.

We were asked to intervene on behalf of Faith. With the help of our local attorneys Michelle Radloff and Colleen Murphy, we filed for a TRO and started negotiations. They made changing the policy a non negotiable condition. Michelle and Colleen were tireless and in addition to gaining Faith’s freedom, they were able to convince the county commissioners to enact an official policy that all dogs be judged solely on their temperament and not their breed.

Faith and Attorneys Colleen Murphy
& Michelle Radloff

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