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Gus, a pit mix was in a boarding/training facility until his adoption group had room for him.

Gus started to show dog aggression at the facility. The person who owned the facility, when putting him back into his kennel was attacked when his foot got stuck and she attempted to get it out.  Unable to control him, things got out of control quickly.

Gus was deemed dangerous and ordered killed by the courts.

This is when the Lexus Project was called in.  We were waiting for a case like Gus's in Texas.

We purposely did this case in 2 parts so that if we only won the first part, Gus would not have died in vain. After Gus was convicted, the owner filed an appeal. The state moved to dismiss the appeal saying there is no right to appeal this type of decision. And the lower court agreed to dismiss the appeal.

That's where we came in. We appealed THAT decision and the appellate court agreed with TLP and ruled there IS a right to appeal. This decision helps ALL dogs charged under this section by guaranteeing their right to a fair review of their cases.

Not only did we win the first part, Tlp won the right to a jury trial, totally unheard of in dog cases. Because the prosecution knew they had a tough fight in front if them and to save themselves the embarrassment of possibly losing, on the morning of trial, with the jury waiting to be chosen, they settled and allowed Gus to leave Texas.

The dog psychology center at Cesar Milan's offered to take Gus to try to rehab him. The adoption group that owns Gus will arrange transport and stay on top of his progress.

Here is the appeal being recognized.

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