Hazel Hope

In September, 2011, Little Hazel Hope was found in a paper bag, in an alley in Decatur, Illinois. She was estimated to be about 3 months old. When found, her insides were hanging outside her body, and she had 3 broken legs. She had apparently been used as a bait dog. She has the most beautiful hazel eyes which was why she was named Hazel. Hope was for what we all had to do as she went through her numerous surgeries and rehabilitation.

The good hearted woman who found her, Deborah, initially brought her to animal control who wanted to have her killed. Deborah would not allow that to happen. Although she herself did not have the funds to take care of Hazel Hope, she contacted a reputable pit bull rescue, Epitome, and asked for their assistance. With the help of Angie, president of Epitome, they found a vet, Dr. Holly Brophy who was willing to help Hazel even though there was no guarantee that she would ever be paid. Thousands of dollars were raised on Facebook for Hazel's medical bills and little Hazel started her healing under the loving care of Dr. Brophy.

The Lexus Project was asked to intervene when the the local sheriff stepped in and a question was raised on who actually owned Hazel Hope.  With the expert assistance of Emily Dillingham of the firm of Paul Hastings LLP and Roger Rea of the firm of Foley & Mansfield, PLLP a federal action was filed. Soon after that a settlement was reached that allowed The Lexus Project to be recognized as Hazel's legal guardian and assure her the opportunity to experience the joy of being a cherished member of a loving family.

Throughout the entire process Dr Brophy and the staff of Bel Aire Pet Clinic protected and cared for Hazel and assured she would have the best veterinary care possible.

In January of 2012, the day came when Hazel was ready to leave the safety and comfort of Dr. Brophy's care. With the continued help of Epitome Rescue, The Lexus project and epitome found a wonderful home  for Hazel. Hazel now lives with her pit bull siblings & human mom and dad.  TLP wants to thank Angie from Epitome Pit Bull Rescue for her patience and expertise in locating the perfect home for sweet Hazel. Angie has become not only our "go to" person about pitties but she is also our friend.

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