Jasmine & Jordan

New Jersey

Beautiful Jasmine and Jordan, a pit bull and Rottweiler, were in jeopardy of being declared dangerous by association.

A 3rd dog that was already murdered by the city had 2 incidents within a years time and both times Jasmine and Jordan were present but not involved. The ACO feels justified to label the girls dangerous for that.  In addition, they told the family that their dogs were persona non grata in their condo so the owners moved the dogs out of state while looking for a new home only to find that was a lie. The dogs never had to leave the condo.

The owners are still moving to a new home but the aco is hell bent on deeming these dogs who were basically onlookers, dangerous dogs.


With the help of local attorney Samantha Berman, we were able to negotiate Jasmine and Jordan's return home, where they belong.

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