This is Kellen ("Gary's Puppy"), a miniature American pit bull puppy, a dog that a Falls River, MA ACO said was the most vicious dog she had ever seen. Meanwhile, Kellen was glued to the back of his crate at the pound from June 2011 until October 2011 in fear. Prior to being in solitary confinement at this shelter, he had never seen the inside of a crate. He slept in his people’s bed since he was 6 weeks old. This shelter never let this poor pup out of his crate in the entire 3 months he was there. They refused to put a leash on Kellen to walk him. They didn’t pet him. They didn’t talk to him. His crime? A child who was deathly afraid of dogs, without the permission of Kellen’s owner, followed the owner’s mother into the owner's apartment while she was carrying groceries.

Despite being told she could not enter the house, the child ignored the warning and proceeded to walk into the apartment despite clear instructions not to do so.This child was carrying some bottles she had found which she dropped right near Kellen; frightened by the noise, Kellen jumped up which subsequently startled the child. The child then ran out of the apartment screaming that the dog had bitten her. The dog, fearful after this incident, was now hiding under the bed. The police had been summoned (presumably by the child's parents), and they in turn notified the ACO.

The owner was told that Kellen was going to be seized until the incident and the dog's behavior were assessed; the owners were told that Kellen could be released within the next few days, after the investation had been completed. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case, and the owners learned that Kellen was ordered to be euthanized and was now on death row, waiting to die. The Lexus Project intervened and negotiated his release with the help of local counsel Jon Rankin. Kellen has found his forever home on Long Island, where he lives with his pack mates, and new mommy.

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