Ox, a mastiff pit mix was rescued by Ashley and her children in South Dakota. He had been abused in a previous home, but soon learned love and trust with Ashley. Unfortunately when one of the very young children was messing with Ox's food bowl, Ox accidently scratched the boys face which required stitches. The hospital notified animal control and Ox was seized.

The Lexus project was asked to help bring Ox home and originally that was our intent. However, after learning more about the situation of Ox's home, we thought it was best for Ox and Ashley for Ox to be rehomed. It was for no other reason other than Ashley was a single young girl with 3 small children one on the way and a very large bully breed. We were concerned with the situation for all involved. Ashley refused to turn Ox over to TLP. She complied with what the town required of her to have Ox released. We feared the worst but hoped for the best. A few months past,

Ox never being far from our minds when we received an email from the town attorney, Adam Altman. Ox apparently did not do well in the mandated training facility, Ashley took him left town. Ox was found and seized once again. If TLP did not claim Ox, he would be put down. Lucky for Ox, the ACO, wanted to give him another chance. With the help of DMK Rehoming in Denver, Co, and Michael, Ashley's older brother, as well as Tom Cogley and Jennifer Wollman both S. Dakota attorneys who helped with this case, Ox was transported 700 miles to the group who had originally offered to train and rehome Ox.

While we hurt for Ashley's loss, we know how much she loved this big boy, we hope she knows she really did the right thing by him. Now, he's got a real chance. Thank you DMK Rehoming for your offer to help Ox.

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