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Phineas is a yellow lab who comes from Salem, MO. In June 2012 he was seized by animal control for allegedly nipping a little girl who was friends with Phineas' family.  Because Phineas did not have proper vaccinations, he was seized. The family went to court and lost. The Mayor deemed Phineas dangerous and ordered Phineas to be executed. Another several months rolled by, Phineas and his family went to court again and lost in April 2013.  That's when TLP was asked to intervene. Our local attorney was Joe Simon.

Normally TLP represents only the dog, but when Joe came on the case we were close to the deadline of Phineas being put down, he took over where the original attorney on the case left, representing the family. (He was still was able to use the legal argument TLP has been so successful with to fight these types of cases.)

We gave Joe the legal argument early on in the case, but he didn't use it. Instead he choose to bring awareness to the case and spent much time concerned with the number of likes the Facebook page had. Bringing attention to the case was important to Joe. We felt going to court with the legal argument  we had was better for Phineas, but because the local attorney represented the owners, there was nothing we could do. We did not agree or approve of him reaching out to the other side to try and make a deal. We didn't approve of many things that happened. And much of what happened, we learned of after the fact. 

Shortly after TLP came on board, Phineas went missing. The city officials took it upon themselves to hide Phineas in the basement of the firehouse where he sat in his feces, alone in the dark. We were told that he was fed, when they remembered. A local fireman told us about Phineas being locked up. He lost his job shortly after alerting us about Phineas. At that time, Phineas was moved yet again, to the water tower. Hidden.

Joe Simon went into court to demand Phineas be moved to an approved facility.

The nonsense and games continued by the town officials.

Finally, Phineas was moved to the local vets office where he was loved on, acted as hospital mascot and was able to see his family. He was presumed safe.

7 days before the successful court date of Oct. 17, 2013, Phineas was stolen from the vets office. We were told someone came to Phineas' owners home in a disguise  with a bizarre letter stating Phineas was safe.

When he went to court on Oct 17. 2013 and used the exact legal argument we sent him in the beginning, we were not surprised the argument was enough to win the case, we were upset that this wasn't done earlier, before things got out of control.

Phineas was exonerated of all charges and the courts specifically adopted all of TLPs legal arguments which should help set precedent in any future MO decision. But....


There was no Phineas...he was still missing....


.....Until Phineas miraculously appeared the very next day, safe.

You can't make this stuff up. 

Thank you to Joe Simon for your enthusiasm and dedication.

There is no case we are happier to be done with and doubly happy Phineas is safe. We just wish it were over with months ago (and it most certainly could have been)  so that this poor dog didn't have to endure so much human insanity.

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