A plea to save Rocky, a lab / pit bull mix  was posted on our facebook page. Rocky had a torn ACL which required expensive surgery that made the chance of him making it out alive slim to none. I took one look at his face and instantly feel madly in love. And,  I knew in my heart that this was a sweet and very placeable dog. I contacted the volunteer at the shelter and we put a hold on him. 

Through face book and chip in, we raised half of the money needed for his vaccinations, pre-surgical testing, neuter ACL repair and medications for his ear infection and worms. The additional money we paid out of tlp general fund which is from left over money from completed cases.  With the help of our very dear friends at Greyhound Angels, Rocky boarded there before and after his surgery. They fell in love with this lover of a boy but his stay was short lived when his foster family came to bring him home. They are are now considered foster failures!

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