Snoopy, a beautiful and friendly white pit bull belonging to Ben, a 77 year old retired gentlemen were the best of friends.Snoopy was his constant companion.  They did everything together. On a beautiful Florida morning, Ben took Snoopy for a walk. Out of nowhere came an off leash Jack Russell terrier who ran up to Snoopy  and bit him. Snoopy, being a dog, bit him back. Animal Control came and seized Snoopy for a  10 day quarantine and threatened to have him killed. Nothing happened to the Jack Russell Terrier or his owner.



The Lexus Project was asked to help. With the help of our local attorney, Danielle Riggin, his release was negotiated and he was reunited with owner. This case made international news. People all over the world were outraged that the dog that was attacked was taken away from his loving home, all because he was a pit bull.  A petition to release Snoopy had over 25000 signatures. Letters, calls & emails to the mayor and every official in local offices were made.  Snoopy is back with his companion and best friend, exactly where he should be.

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