Snowy a young, beautiful, silly and happy girl lived with her family and other dogs. Snowy had a lot of energy and the family had little time for her. She kept getting out and running loose.
The family felt the best thing would be a new home. They placed an ad on Craigslist.

The family received over 200 requests but not with out everyone berating them for placing the ad on Craigslist. The owner pulled the ad and everyone wondered what would happen to Snowy.

Little did they know, that we had contacted the poster asking no questions. The only thing we told them is that we wanted to add a female to our pack and we sent a picture of our pack to the owner of Snowy.

Three days later, they handed Snowys leash over to us and we brought Snowy to her foster home with our good friend, Holly.

Snowy had a few false starts with her forever home, but Snowy is a very resilient girl and just rolled with the punches. Snowy finally got her forever home with Ruth and Gordon and their pack where she is their resident spoiled Princess.

Lucky for us, we get to see Snowy at many greyhound events and she never fails to thank us with tons of greyhound kisses.

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