Spike and Oli

On 09/28/2013 Spike and Oli were involved in an incident with their neighbors Jack Russell Terrier, Zoey. There was a piece of the privacy fence on the property that was missing and the owner of Zoey claims that Spike and/or Oli pulled Zoey through the fence and attacked their dog.

Unfortunately, Zoey died and we are very saddened by that. However, it does not  does mean 2 more dogs should be killed. The owners of Zoey did not want damages paid/they did not want restitution all.... They wanted Oli and Spike murdered.

The owner and attorney went to court and lost.

The Lexus Project was asked to intervene and help local attorney with the appeal.

After 9 months of being kept in the shelter with little to no interaction, we had our day in court. The owner had to abide by the restrictions made by the court but felt she would be unable to, so she turned ownership over of Spike and Oli  to TLP.

With the help of an incredible and devoted Spike &Oli supporter, a rehab facility was found to take Spike & Oli for rehab, decompress time and training so that they can be adopted out to their forever home.

Special thanks to Kristina Bryant and Tiffany McCathy.

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