Star a sweet, petite pit bull mix who lived on the streets of NYC with her homeless owner.  Her owner had a seizure, 

police came over to check it out, Star got protective, barked and was shot point blank in her face. This soon became national news and the country was outraged.

Star was taken to the NYAC&C while waiting for her owner to claim her. And until then,  she was on a hold.  While on the hold NYAC&C began treatment to save her life.  She lost an eye, some hearing but being a spunky little girl, although we can  can  predict long term prognosis, she was back to ripping the stuffing out of stuffies and enjoying her kongs.  

While all of this was happening, there was a lot of behind the scene arrangements to be worked out. When nobody came to reclaim 

her and the vets felt she was able to travel, a transfer was arranged to allow her to get the care and rehabilitation she needed at a friends beautiful facility. The Lexus project, working together with the  Mayors Alliance looks forward to her recovery and finding her an adoptive home.


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