Stella & Tazzy

Stella and Tazzy,  are 2 rotties who had been on death row In isolation since December 2011.  We came onto the case in June 2012. Their owner hadn't seen them nor had anyone else. Tazzy is 11.5 and was in failing health so we were able to get him released a few weeks after we came onto the case (he wasn't even involved in the incident) but poor Stella just sat and no one knew where she was. The owner of the dog had had a warrant for something else. The police came to the door and the owner resisted the warrant. .

When the cops got physical with the person they were frying to serve the warrant on, Stella nipped his butt. If Stella had wanted to attack, she could have.

Her punishment for nipping the cop was to force her to sit in solitary for a year.  With the help of our local attorney joe blyskal, she was released and her momma saw her for the first time in a year.

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