Sweet Caroline and her puppies

This is one of the most heartbreaking cases we have taken on. Caroline was in a shelter in NC with her 3 puppies who were less than 3 weeks old (what happened to the rest of her puppies?) waiting to die. We were notified about Caroline 24 hours prior to the time she was to be killed. Our Facebook supporters came up with the name Caroline since she did not have one. We jumped into this and immediately got a Chip-In going to fund the necessities for Caroline and her puppies. We were also told that Caroline had some behavioral issues. We had a group to take Caroline & her pups. If she was not placeable after she weaned her pups, we had a sanctuary to take Caroline. We frantically sought out local legal counsel to file a TRO. At 9PM, 17 hours prior to her being killed, we were notified of local counsel. We spent time on the phone with this person and explained how the action to save Caroline would work. Richard spent several hours getting the documents ready so all the attorney had to do was “Tweak” it so it felt more like her wording and file the TRO. There were emails exchanged in the early morning hours between our media coordinator, TLP and the attorney. We were told she was on board and the TRO would be filed.

The TRO Was never filed. Caroline was murdered leaving her babies without the protection & love of their momma. We were blindsided. The local attorney we trusted betrayed us, but most of all betrayed Caroline. The hurt and anger was immeasurable. 48 hours after Caroline’s death, we became aware of a young lactating pit mix at the NYACC. Her puppies were gone. Thanks to Jane Hoffman of the Mayors Alliance, she arranged for TLP to pull this sweet girl named Tiffanie on a Sunday. We arranged transport for Tiffanie and she traveled like a pro. With our hearts in our stomachs, we prayed she would accept Caroline puppies as her own. When she arrived at her destination she had some good food and a little time to decompress. The puppies were brought into the house and put into another room. Tiffanie heard their little cries and sought them out.

Tiffanie with Caroline's babies
This is a result of Tiffanie and Caroline’s babies. We will always be happy that this had a happy ending. But we will never forget or stop loving Caroline. God Speed Sweet Caroline. You were failed miserably and we will never forget. We will also never forget or be able to thank EAGLE’S DEN  enoughfor their help and support of Caroline, Tiffanie and their puppies. 


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