Texas, Chickie and Nellie

Texas chickie & Nellie are 3 greyhounds who live with their family on Long Island. Out for their daily walk, a small off leash dog comes running their way. The owners of the greyhounds scream out to the small dog owner, "NO!!! GET YOUR DOG", she replies, "it's ok, he's friendly". The dog continued to charge at the greyhounds and ran under them nipping and barking. A fight ensued, the small dog dies shortly after.

The owner of the small dog wanted the greyhounds dead or at the very least, deemed dangerous. Before the court date, we moved the dogs out of NY so they could not be seized. Because the dogs were moved out, the case was closed as far as the courts were concerned. The problem was bringing them back. We tried negotiating with the town attorney but because of the unstable woman who owned the small dog, and the threats she made and carried out to the greyhound owners, it could not be settled.

We had our day in court 5 months later, kicked their butt and brought these beautiful babies home. A special thanks to David Wolf of NGAP for the very special care the staff at NGAP gave these dogs while waiting such a long time to go home. The moral of this story is just because there Is an off leash dog (which is usually against the law), it doesn't give the leashed dogs a right to kill it.

We must be responsible for controlling our dogs. That is the way the courts see it.

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