Zorro & Joppar

After their mom and dad bought a new car with doors that opened differently, they accidently opened the back hatch and the boys ran towards their front door. On the way, one of them caught sight of the neighbor’s cat who was left out to fend for herself at the age of 21 years old when the neighbor went on vacation. Unfortunately for the cat, the boys wanted to play which resulted in her death.  Unable to accept any responsibiity for abandoning her cat even after the owners of the dogs paid over $2000.00 trying to save the cat, the neighbor called the ACO demanding the dogs be labeled dangerous.  Because of the death of the cat the ACO had no choice but to bring a dangerous dog proceeding. Luckily, the ACO recognized that seizing the dogs would serve no useful purpose and allowed the dogs to stay home with restrictions (muzzled on walks) until the hearing. Most ACOs are NOT this generous. Most ACOs will seize your dog and it will sit in a pound waiting to be euthanized.

The Lexus Project was called and with the help of attorney Ben Salen, a volunteer VA attorney we reached out to the prosecutor’s office. Unfortunately, the cat's owner seeking revenge demanded that this go to hearing. Luckily for the boys, VA has one of the most fair dog laws in the country. The hearing was held and the owners  of the dogs took responsibly. The judge recognizing that this was a single, unfortunate accident and adjourned the case for a year. The boys are  on probation. As long as there are no other incidence of any kind within the next year, the case will be dismissed.  Even though they are not required to muzzle the boys on walks, they continue to do so to keep everyone safe.

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